Offering Appeal Requests

ASI Mid-America 2019-05 Convention – Denver


A Pattern


Electricity Generator and Solar Power

Purpose: A Pattern requested $6,500 for a backup generator that would supply power to the Lifestyle building where guests are housed. They also need to purchase solar panels for the water wells, to operate independent of public electricity due to increased power outages in their rural area.

Black Hills Health & Education Center


Scholarship Program

Purpose: Black Hills requested $5,000 to start the funding process for a work-study scholarship program for the Black Hills School of Massage.

Eden Valley Zimbabwe


Farm Equipment

Purpose: Eden Valley Zimbabwe requested $5,000 to purchase equipment and materials for their farm. This would include irrigation pipes, electric fencing, water storage tanks, plastic for the greenhouse, and hand tools.



Bible Literature Container

Purpose: HeReturns requested $6,000 for funds to process a container of French Bibles from Light Bearers Ministry through customs and to provide transportation to their partner ministry, Train Them 2 Fish, in DR Congo.

Kuda Vana


Solar Power Improvements

Purpose: Kuda Vana Partnership requested $5,000 to add solar panels to their current solar grid. They have outgrown their current system. This funding would help provide reliable electricity for the 50 orphaned and abandoned children in their care.

La Vida Mission


Gymnasium Improvements

Purpose: La Vida Mission requested $5,000 for a dual-purpose addition to their gymnasium which will house the Community Services downstairs and the Pathfinder/Adventure Clubs upstairs.